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The health crisis we are going through is a terrible threat to everyone of us and especially to the weakest. Solidarity is not decreed, it must be everyone’s business, everyone’s responsibility.
That is why we decided to develop a platform to help you and accompany you in this period of containment. In five days, we were able to mobilize a team dedicated to this project to implement this free platform, accessible to everyone.
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How does it work ?

A personalized citizen logbook to protect your loved ones and save lives


To encourage our containment efforts, Confee allows you to record your containment on our platform and to share it with your loved ones and on social networks.

Follow your movements

Record your authorized travel and check the history of your encounters. Who did you meet? In what places, stores ,etc. have you been?

Health E-Diary

Enables you to register all measurable constants (questionnaire symptoms, temperature, cough, breathing…) for a personal follow-up of the evolution of your Health. You will be able to find the exact date of the onset of the first symptoms.

Stay informed

Find on the application all the latest sanitary measures taken by the government or your Town Hall. You will be able to follow the solidarity initiatives and find all useful links in times of containment.

An evolutionary solution

Our solution created at high speed is intended to be scalable. We will need your feedback and the effort of everyone to complete this project. Our project will be relevant in phase 4 of the pandemic and anticipates any further containment period.

Private Life

In full respect of your privacy, CONFEE secures your data anonymously. The data is encrypted and we will not share it under any circumstances.

Cov Bot

Thanks to our partner Kwalys, you will be able to find our Covbot on your Confee interface, which, from the latest recommendations of the health authorities, will establish with you, in a few questions, a pre-diagnosis of your contamination or exposure to Covid-19. Of course, our Cov-Bot does not replace ...

A conversational / chat assistant

To best answer all the questions you may have about the Covid-19, its changes or the measures taken by the government (authorized travel, company law, tax, HR, etc.), you can discuss at any time with our conversational / chat robot. This trained assistant 24/7 by Kwalys teams will answer your main ...

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